What do wild rabbits eat?

So while our house rabbits live a cushy live with yummy dry food, fresh fruit and veges, and a endless supply of fresh hay what do wild rabbits eat?

Firstly rabbits are herbivorous, essentially they are vegetarians. They only eat plants and plant materials e.g. carrots, apples.


The most obvious answer is grass, where wild rabbits reside there is usually a good supply of grass available for them to leisurely munch throughout the day. Their diet tends to be upwards of 90% grass.

However no bunny would say no to a snack on some of your prized vegetables. They are known to sneak into gardens to have a snack on produce, and leave behind empty vegetable gardens.

Bunnies also love hay, and when kept as pets it is important they have a never ending supply. If wild rabbits could find this magical supply they would be in heaven. If wild rabbits don't have access to hay, grass is a good substitute.


Some of the things a wild rabbits love to eat include;

  • Weeds
  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Vegetables ( of course)
  • Grasses

How do wild rabbits get WATER?

Water is essential to any life form, and wild rabbits need some water too.

Rabbits will find streams, rivers or any other place of water to have a little sip. Rabbits do get alot of their water needs from the food they eat, so in the wild they tend to drink less than pet rabbits as the supply is usually less and harder to obtain.

What have you seen wild rabbits eating? Let us know in the comments below.

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