Why do rabbits thump the ground?

Why do rabbits thump the ground?

Rabbits thump the ground as a way of communicating, rabbits exhibit alot of behaviors usually without even making a peep.

How does a Rabbit thump?

How a rabbit thump is different than how it is depicted in alot of children's cartoons. Rabbits will remain with all their paws on the ground, slightly elevated, and then thump the ground with either one or both of their hind legs. 

Most times rabbits will remain in this position until the believe the danger is gone.‚Äč

Rabbits thump to warn those around them, whether its other rabbits, other pets or humans of 'dangers'. Rabbits can thump if they believe their is a danger present, or to show their displeasure with the situation.

These 'dangers' can include many things such as;

  • ‚ÄčOther animals coming too close.
  • Unusual smells, perhaps the smell from cigarettes if they are not used to it.
  • Loud sounds that make a rabbit feel uneasy

Rabbits can thump for an extended period of time, you should avoid this whenever possible. Take note when you hear your rabbit thumping and try to rectify the situation or remove the rabbit from the scene. Excessive thumping from rabbits can lead to death.

I found alot of the time with my rabbits, when they were inside they would thump about under my lounge suite, they did this as a way of warning my other pets and me that they were not happy about my dogs being so close, it is similar to the equivalent of a dog or cat growling.

You may find that your rabbit is more 'vocal' at night time, and thumps around alot. Your rabbit is thumping because it is either frightened or threatened. Try to discover the cause, it may be the rabbit is lonely, scared of the dark or their position in the house or outside.

Try to make their environment as appeasing as you can for them and enjoy having happy rabbits hopping about.

What situations makes your rabbit thump? Let us know in the comments below.

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