Do Rabbits Blink?

Do rabbits blink?

So a random thought popped into my head recently, do rabbits blink? And i couldn’t remember ever seeing ( and noticing) a rabbit blinking.

So i did some research, and found that rabbits DO blink.

Although you may not have seen a rabbit blink, as they have a third eyelid it means they don’t need to blink as often as humans.

Bunnies will also keep very still and not blink when they are scared or nervous.

As humans and other mammals do, rabbits blink to keep their eyes lubricated and free from dust and other particles which may irritate the eye.

So if you have a spare 10 minutes, have a staring competition with your rabbit, you’re bound to lose but you may just be lucky enough to see your bunny blink :)

Another bonus interesting fact is that bunnies can and often do sleep with their eyes open.

Do you have any random rabbit facts? Leave them as a comment below.

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