Innes Common Park, Hamilton

Innes Common is a great park for dogs to have a run about.

The best place to park if travelling by car is in the Gallagher Hockey car park from Queens Ave. From there you don’t have to worry about traffic when getting your pooch out of the car (and back in!)

Alternatively you can park alongside the lake, be wary of the busy road, and of course if you live close enough why not walk there?

Innes Common Park is not an official ‘off leash’ area, but you will find many dog owners taking their dogs for a walk around this area.

Innes Common ParkInnes Common Park


Beware that beyond the line of trees at the end of the park is a busy railway line, there is alot of shrubbery between the railway line but it is something to be aware of.  If your dog likes to go bush it is quite nice to go on a little adventure beyond the large trees. You will find lots of treasures, and i’m sure your dog will find many as well. Your dog will love to jump over the many fallen logs.

Innes Common Park


Innes Common Park

Innes Common Park is a large park, which on weekends can become busy with social soccer games, cricket and families down for picnics. Of course there is a busy Hockey field right next door, and the Hamitlon Lake is right across the road. If you have your dog off leash make sure you are able to control them near the busy road whilst walking near the top of Innes Common park. With all the ducks, pukekos and geese calling the lake home it is also a good idea to have keen hunter dogs leashed while walking near the top of the park .

Our Verdict : A great everyday park for any dog to enjoy and run free :)

Innes Common Dog Park

 Let us know what you think of Innes Common dog park below, any tips to make the most of this park?

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