The Good and Bad of Halti

Halti Review

My dogs have both had a halti for over a year, and I could not and would not walk my dogs without it. They work fantastically with dogs that like to pull you on your walks.

What is a halti?

A halti is a harness style leader that goes over the dogs snout for more control while your dog is on a lead. They are similar to how you lead a horse, it gives you control of their head, if the dogs pull it will bring their head downwards, which usually stops them puling.


  • It really does help walking your dog, they don’t like the pulling against the halti. I have found it a more effective way of walking dogs then using a traditional harness which goes around their chest.

  • You will take your dog/s for more walks, when your dog behaves on the lead you will have a more enjoyable time and will want to take your dog/s on more walks. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • You can steer your dog, you have control to move them in the direction YOU want to go not were your dog wants to take you.


  • People who do not know about a halti and its purpose. Some people mistaken a dog wearing a halti for a muzzle, and get the wrong impression that you have a dangerous or unfriendly dog.

  • Dogs do not like it at the start; they will try to get it off at any chance they get. If you don’t have the right size, you may find that your dog is able to get the strap, which sits over their snout, off. It takes a lot of patience and time to get your dog used to wearing a halti, but it is worth it.

In conclusion, my recommendation/review of the halti is it is a must have for anyone experiencing problems walking their dog. I spent a long time walking my dogs with a traditional lead getting agitated and annoyed at all the pulling, and not having control over my dogs. Since using the halti I really do enjoy walking my dogs and feel safe that i can control them. 

Have you used a halti before, what is your opinion? Do you have another trick that would help? Leave us a comment below.​