Dogs Sleeping Habits

Dog Sleeping Habits

Dogs sleep a lot, but exactly how much do dogs sleep?

Although it seems like our dogs are always asleep, if they aren’t running around like lunatics, dogs actually have a very different sleep cycle and habits then humans.

Dogs don’t have a regular pattern; they tend to sleep sporadically during the day taking naps when and where they please. Dogs will take breaks in between the tough work of napping, to do all the fun ( and sometimes gross) stuff dogs get up to during the day.

So on average a dog sleeps around 12-18 hours, which doesn’t sound as much as i expected. Every time i turn my head they are dozing away.

The amount of sleep a dog has changes based on:

Dog Age

Just like human babies do, puppies need more sleep then adult dogs. Some websites suggest a 12 week old puppy can sleep from 15-20 hours a day.

Dog Breed

The larger the dog the more time they will spend sleeping. Believe it or not, sometimes the biggest breads are often the best apartment dogs, as they spend much more of their time sleeping then getting up to mischief like their smaller counterparts.

There are also certain breeds that have a lower activity level; working dogs spend most of their day working hard on the farm so spend less time sleeping. Dogs that are left behind at home all day will sleep more out of boredom, as well as creating messes for you to clean up.

Additional Questions

How deep is a dog’s sleep?

When you compare a dog’s sleep to the REM cycle of humans, dogs spend a very little amount of time in REM sleep. During this stage of sleeping is when dreams can occur.

Since dogs sleep more sporadically and for short bursts they rarely reach a deep enough sleep to reach the REM cycle.

How do i know if my dog is in REM sleep?

You will know if your dog starts twitching away, dreaming of chasing sheep in the paddocks. His legs will start to shake and he may whimper - this is a dog in REM sleep.

Is my dog sleeping too much?

Keep in mind it is normally for dogs to be dozing in and out of sleep all day. But if you believe there may be a problem, where your dogs is sleeping more than usual or acting lethargic, we would recommend you visit your family vet.

It’s better to be safe then sorry, dogs can deteriorate very quickly. It is common for depressed dogs to sleep more.

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