Dog parks in Hamilton, NZ

Dog Parks in HamiltonThere is an abundance of dog parks in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Check out our review of dog parks around Hamilton.

You can of course take your dog on a leashed walk almost everywhere in Hamilton, but if you are looking for parks to let your dog run free, check out this off leash dog parks.

No matter what part of Hamilton you live in, there is a dog park for you and your dog. Some of the most popular dog parks are Days Park, a lovely busy dog park alongside the Waikato River. Minouge Park is one of the biggest parks available for dogs and provides a huge space for dogs to run wild.

Whichever dog park you choose to exercise your dog in, keep these points in mind.

  • Make sure you are able to control your dog at all times when he/she is out in public spaces.
  • Don’t forget to pick up your dogs droppings, all dog parks will have rubbish bins to deposit of droppings.

Check out Hamilton City Councils map of ‘off leash’ dogs parks in Hamilton here –

Where is your favourite dog park in Hamilton, NZ? Leave is a comment below.