Do rabbits need vaccinations?

Rabbit Vaccinations

Do our cuddly rabbits need vaccinations, just like our rowdy dogs?

I was wondering myself if this was necessary, since they spend their lives within our property, unlike dogs and cats who get to explore the world a bit more, should they be safe from diseases?

So i went researching.....

The short answer is YES, we should vaccinate our rabbits.

There are several different diseases that rabbits could pick up which could led to sickness or death.

Rabbit Calicivirus

This is a disease believed to be brought into countries to help with soaring wild rabbit population problems. It is a fatal disease.

If your pet rabbit may come into contact with a wild rabbit, even sniffing noses through a cage it is extremely important to have your rabbit vaccinated.It is also important to bear in mind this disease can be spread by insects, and even in the wind.

If you don't believe your rabbit would come across any new friends at your house or there is a low risk of encountering the disease, then it is in your own discretion whether or not to vaccinate. Sometimes its best just for that piece of mind, also keep in mind this disease can take only a couple of hours to become fatal for a rabbit.



This diease it expecially prevelant in the UK. It is speard via inscets such as mosiquites, flease, mites and also thorugh wild rabbits.

This disease was/is used to control wild population numbers as rabbit calicivirus was. Myxomatosis is a more prolonged disease, and can makes a rabbit very sick before becoming fatal.

To help reduce chances of your rabbit/s contracting any dieases it is imoprtnat to keep their living space clean, changing bedding regularaly and depoing of droppings.

If you live in a high risk area for this diease, six monthly vaccinations are reccommened.

When can i vaccinate?

If you want to vaccinate before your rabbit is 12 weeks it will require booster shots in a 4 week interval until it reaches 12 weeks, after which it is only an annual injection that is required.

Final Conclusion

It is best to check whether your country has any rabbit related diseases that may hurt your bunny, some countries like New Zealand only vaccinate against Rabbit Calicivirus, where the UK vaccinate for both Rabbit Calicivirus and myxomatosis.

You can also have a chat with your local vet and they will be able to give you some advice based on your circumstances.

So do rabbits need vaccinations? Yes it is best, but check if your country offers vaccinations for rabbits.

Do you vaccinate your rabbits? Does your country have other rabbit-related diseases? Let us know in the comments below.

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