Choker Chains for Dogs

Choker chains for dogsChoker chains for dogs are rather controversial, some people swear by them while others find them cruel and inhumane.

Whatever your preference its important to know the facts about Choker Chains

Many people like choker chains for the ‘tough’ look, if you are after a tough looking collar why not try a leather based collar with metal studs, more comfortable for your dog and still tough as nails. You can find some great inexpensive ones here on Amazon

Despite its name, choker chains are not made to choke your dogs, they are meant to give a short and sharp tug for correction purposes they release back to a slack lead.

They can be helpful when used correctly to correct inappropriate behavior whilst walking your dog.

As the dog pulls and you pull back you will bring the dog up on its hind legs, which usually has negative effects to the situation and can enhance any aggression and dominance issues.

Using a choker chain, can mean that when your dog pulls and is very determined and the ‘choke’ isn’t stopping them you may have less control then if you were using a halti or harness.

I have included two resources for both sides of the argument regarding choker chains for dogs.

The first is a YouTube video which shows you how to properly use a choker chain on your dog, if you wish to use one. It is important you follow
the correct guidelines so you are not hurting your dog.

At this link, you will find a woman’s personal view on choker chains. She is against the use of choker chains.

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If you decide you would like to get a choker chain, here are some options from Amazon.

What is your personal opinion about Choker Chains for dogs? Leave us a comment below.