Cats and Catnip

If you find that your cat enjoys the effects of catnip, you will have fun watching their crazy behavior. You many also have some questions about catnip, we try to answer them.

Cats and Catnip

Why do Cats go absolutely crazy for catnip?

A lot of cats seem to love catnip; they will roll around rubbing themselves all over the catnip, and just going bonkers running about the place. You will know if your cat has found some catnip by his/her crazy behavior.

Not all cats will respond to catnip, about 50% of cats are not affected in anyway by Catnip. Also kittens are usually not affected, until they reach 3-6 months old.

Sensitivity to Catnip is an inherited trait; cats must have particular genes to go nuts when given catnip.

What is Catnip?

Catnip comes from the mint family of herbs. It is not known exactly why cats go crazy when they smell catnip, it is believed that the catnip simulates the ‘happy’ part of the cats brain.

How long does Catnip last for?

A catnip session for a cat usually lasts about 10 minutes. But with a couple of hours break most cats, that are susceptible to catnip, will be back ready for more.

Can cats eat Catnip?

Cats will usually rub themselves all over catnip, and usually won’t try to eat it.

Researchers have found that Catnip if eaten by cats it has the opposite effect then when sniffed. It seems to mellow out cats, and they become very relaxed and domicile.

How do i keep Catnip fresh?

Keep in mind that catnip does loose its potency over time. To keep catnip fresh you can store it in the freezer or fridge.

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