Cat Collars

Why you should make sure your cat has a cat collarCat Collars

It is very important that your cat has a colllar for a few reasons;

To differentiate your cat from strays that are out and about outside.

There are lots of stray cats everywhere, some people take strays to their local animal shelter to get them off the streets.
Make sure you collar your cat so people know your cat has a home, and you wont find your cat missing one day.

People wont feed your cat

If your cat has a cat collar on neighbours will be less likely to feed your cat, they will know your cat is from a well loved family.

Keep these points in mind while looking for a cat collar.

Cat Collars with Bells

It is recommend you get a cat collar that is equipped with a bell. Not only does a cat bell add music to your home, it is mainly for helping/saving birds.

Cats are a main reason why lots of native birds are killed each year. The bell gives the birds fair warning that a cat is on the prey. Hopefully with enough warning from the bell ringing, the birds are able to fly away to safety – at least that is the idea.

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Safety Cat Collars

Cats love to climb trees, but sometimes they can get stuck -especially with their cat collar.

There are special cat collars that you can buy that will release if a cat gets stuck on a branch in a tree etc

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Personalized Cat Collars

Like dog collars, you can get cat collars that are personalized with your cats name and details. Having a personalized cat collar is useful when your cat goes walkabouts, as many outdoor cats seem to do.

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Light Reflective Cat Collars

You can get special reflective cat collars that reflective light. Similar to fluro jackets that cyclists wear at night, outdoor cats wearing a reflective cat collar can help avoid collisions with cars.

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What kind of collar does your cuddly companion wear? Let us know below.