Where to buy a halti in New Zealand

Buy Halti in NZHalti’s are a great tool to use on any dog that is difficult to walk on a traditional lead and collar.

Halti works in a similar way to a harness you would use for a horse; turning the dogs head as a way to control them. Dogs don’t like to pull against the halti, as it brings there snot down towards their chest as they pull.

It doesn’t hurt them at all; it is just uncomfortable and makes it very hard to pull with their head downwards.

Halti’s come in a range of sizes from dogs as little as Maltese’s to dogs as bug as Mastiffs and Great Danes.

For more information about Halti’s, be sure to read our article about the advantages and disadvantages of a Halti. – http://fourleggedloves.com/good-bad-halti/

You can buy halti (or a type of halti) from most pet stores in New Zealand.

Places that sell Halti in New Zealand


Amazon is similar to eBay where you can buy products from overseas usually for cheaper prices.

Some dealers offer free shipping, make sure you check!

Halti’s on Amazon


eBay has a range of Halti’s and knock off Halti’s you can buy from their website from all over the world. Shipping can take a while, so keep that in mind when looking at the cheap prices.



Pet.co.nz is a pet supply website in New Zealand. They offer lots of specials and discounts, so its a good idea to keep an eye on this website.

You can get free shipping if your order is over a set price, and discounts for first time customers.



You can buy directly from the Animates website, they offer all ranges of sizes. Keep in mind Animates is one of the most expensive paces to buy a Halti.


Trade Me

Keep an eye on Trade Me for a cheaper second hand Halti, or a ‘knock off’ halti sold on there. If you have a TradeMe account you can save a search of ‘Halti’ and be emailed daily with new Halti’s that are added to their website.

Keep in mind when buying from TradeMe, you will need to pay shipping.


Its important to bear in mind if you buy a cheaper halti, it may not be made of the same high quality materials and may be more susceptible to breaking and tearing.

Let us know how you get on with your halti, leave us a comment below.