Best dog collar

Best Dog CollarLooking for the best dog collar? It can be hard to decipher what the best dog collar is for your dog which such a wide range of products on the market.

We will explain some if these dog collars for you, and give our recommendation. So no need to worry your dog will be looking great in a new collar in no time at all.


If your dog is a good walker you will find a normal collar is sufficient for your dog.  You can o crazy with the huge collection of different dog collars on the market today.

You can get reflective collars, glitter collars, spiked collars whatever tickles your fancy.

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A harness is a great way to have more control of your dog. It is especially helpful for dogs that like to pull when on walks. From my experience it doesn’t give you as much control as a halti does. See more about Halti here –

Good for bigger dogs, but there are smaller harnesses that you can find. Or try a cat harness for very small dogs like chihuahuas.

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Muzzles are generally used for aggressive dogs that can be unpredictable in situations. They are mostly used during walks or when in public spaces, but can be used in any situation where an owner thinks it is necessary,

Some countries have laws where particular breeds of dogs must where a muzzle in public, its important to know your local laws and abide by them

i.e in New Zealand if you have a pitbull it must be muzzled in any public situation to ensure public safety.

A muzzle covers the dogs snout, so the dog is unable to bite. Dogs can still breath and pant as normal.

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Choker Chain

Choker chains for dogs – people either love them or hate them.

Many people don’t like choker chains, as when the dog pulls the dog the chain is pulled “choking” the dog in hopes it will stop pulling.

It doesn’t actually choke the dog, dogs are very hardy around the neck muscles. If you choose to use a choker chain, make sure you have it fitted  correctly and use it properly.

Read more about Choker chains here –

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A Halti is a type of collar that is worn when walking your dog, it is not a collar that your would leave on your dog when not walking him/her.

A Halti is a very effective way of controlling a hyper active dog that likes to pull when being walked. If you have trouble walking your dog you should consider a Halti.

Read more about Halti’s here –

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What do you think is the best dog collar? Let us know in the comments below.